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Whistleblowing System


As a form of our commitment to implementing Good Corporate Governance, Robere & Associates implements a Whistleblowing System (WBS) as a reporting mechanism in case of corruption, collusion, and nepotism practices, fraud, conflict of interest, bribery, gratuities, violations of code of ethics, and violations to the law and regulations as well as company regulations. 

Robere & Associates protects the identity of the whistleblower. Anyone who files a report in a good faith and willing to cooperate will be protected from harassment, discrimination, retaliation and any form of actions that may harm the whistleblower. Robere & Associates imposed sanctions for violators in accordance with the company's regulations and/or applicable laws and regulations.

Anonymous submission of the report will still be accepted by the Compliance Committee and will be followed up in accordance with existing procedures, supplemented by sufficient evidence for the case to be acted upon and investigated.

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