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Anti-bribery Policy


As a form of our commitment to carry out our business in a transparent, accountable, responsible, independent, and reasonable manners based on the principles of Good Corporate Governance, Robere & Associates has implemented Anti-bribery Management System based in ISO 37001:2016. We take zero tolerance to bribery in order to maintain a clean, healthy, and appropriate environment of our company that is free from any form of Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism, according to our Anti-bribery Policy

  1. Create an environment that is free of Corruption, Collusion, and Nepotism and strictly prohibited any kind of involvement;
  2. Uphold the principles of compliance with laws and internal regulations that is related to the Anti-bribery Management System and ensure its fulfillment;
  3. Building awareness of every person in our company and their commitment to always complying and carry out the correct values and forms in implementing an Anti-bribery Management System;
  4. Regularly supervise the implementation of Anti-bribery Policy and is committed to imposing sanctions to anyone who violates the laws and regulations that applies in the company;
  5. Encourage every person in our company to report any form of bribery in good faith, on the basis of reasonable confidence and without fear of retaliation from certain parties;
  6. Encourage all parties to continuously improve and improve the Anti-Bribery Management System and its integration, in accordance with the objectives and direction of our company;
  7. Avoid and manage any kind of conflict of interest that are potentially arising risks;
  8. Ensuring the Anti Bribery Compliance Function is free from conflict of interest, has clear authority, and is independent in carrying out its duties;