Robere & Associates offers a selection of management training courses and programs to fit varying needs. With both local and international trainers, R&A helps companies establish strategy, operational management, improvement as well as conduct research and benchmarking. R&A use holistic and experiential learning approach to training, exposing participants to program concepts from a combination of simulations, role play and practical applications. Areas within the training organization that need improvement are identified and used as case studies in a structured learning experience, providing trainees with realistic problems and solutions.

Public Training

R&A public training programs are presented on a periodic basis at our training facility in Jakarta. Our programs have also been presented in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. All programs provide working tools for the attendee to use upon returning to work. R&A provides programs that enhance skill development in the workplace. Courses include: sales and marketing, customer service, presentation, creative problem solving, team building and many others. Each program is led by an expert in its respective field.

In House Training

Our clients may request any of our publicly held programs to be provided in-house to their staff.


Robere & Associates is continually looking for new and innovative ways of ways of providing value-added training at a cost-effective rate.  In order to provide all of our partners and our PI Club members with the training that they need, we have implemented a comprehensive schedule of training courses and other services to allow companies to receive the training-tools that they need, and still make it convenient for them to use.


  • For almost twenty years, Robere & Associates has been providing consulting services in Asia.  We've helped over 1500 companies become certified to various standards as well as find innovative ways of improving service and products to their customers.  Many times the cost becomes prohibitive to smaller companies who need the same level of support that large companies have.  Our on-line E-Consulting program will have downloadable training programs, forms, procedure models, access to webinars given by our consultants on various subjects. These activities can be done anywhere a participant has access to a computer and an available log-in and password.  Contact our marketing department for more information


  • It is many times costly to send many of your staff to a training program.  It means that they have to leave their offices, be away from their job, and the timing of the program may not be convenient.  Our E-Training programs will be structured in two ways:

1.an on-line "live" webinar with available documentation and a certificate for participation.  Our live seminars will be provided at a convenient time for our partners in everywhere

2.the same information in the webinar will also be available on-demand to those individuals who may want to take the course at a time that more convenient for them.  Keep checking our website for scheduled courses.