As a form of our commitment to carry out our business in a transparent, accountable, responsible, independent, and reasonable manners based on the principles of Good Corporate Governance, Robere & Associates has implemented Anti-bribery Management System based in ISO 37001:2016. We take zero tolerance to bribery in order to maintain a clean, healthy, and appropriate environment of our company that is free from any form of Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism, according to our Anti-bribery Policy

  1. Create an environment that is free of Corruption, Collusion, and Nepotism and strictly prohibited any kind of involvement
  2. Uphold the principles of compliance with laws and internal regulations that is related to the Anti-bribery Management System and ensure its fulfillment
  3. Building awareness of every person in our company and their commitment to always complying and carry out the correct values and forms in implementing an Anti-bribery Management System
  4. Regularly supervise the implementation of Anti-bribery Policy and is committed to imposing sanctions to anyone who violates the laws and regulations that applies in the company
  5. Encourage every person in our company to report any form of bribery in good faith, on the basis of reasonable confidence and without fear of retaliation from certain parties
  6. Encourage all parties to continuously improve and improve the Anti-Bribery Management System and its integration, in accordance with the objectives and direction of our company
  7. Avoid and manage any kind of conflict of interest that are potentially arising risks
  8. Ensuring the Anti Bribery Compliance Function is free from conflict of interest, has clear authority, and is independent in carrying out its duties


As a form of our commitment to implementing Good Corporate Governance, Robere & Associates implements a Whistleblowing System (WBS) as a reporting mechanism in case of corruption, collusion, and nepotism practices, fraud, conflict of interest, bribery, gratuities, violations of code of ethics, and violations to the law and regulations as well as company regulations. 


Robere & Associates protects the identity of the whistleblower. Anyone who files a report in a good faith and willing to cooperate will be protected from harassment, discrimination, retaliation and any form of actions that may harm the whistleblower. Robere & Associates imposed sanctions for violators in accordance with the company's regulations and/or applicable laws and regulations.

Anonymous submission of the report will still be accepted by the Compliance Committee and will be followed up in accordance with existing procedures, supplemented by sufficient evidence for the case to be acted upon and investigated.

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