Do the Right Thing in Business

We promise to serve our clients with the highest standards. This promise is proven through our commitment to protecting your information and creating a bribery-free environment in our organization.

Commitment on

Robere & Associates' commitment to doing business with integrity requires consistently high global standards: our zero-tolerance approach towards bribery applies to all employees, including Top Management in order to maintain our reputation according to our Anti-Bribery Policy.

Free of corruption, collusion, and nepotism

We strictly prohibited any kind of involvement in the activity to maintain an environment that is free of Corruption, Collusion, and Nepotism.

Uphold compliance with laws and regulations

Uphold the principles of compliance with laws and internal regulations that are related to the Anti-bribery Management System and ensure its fulfillment.

Preserving ethical values and belief

We uphold ethical values and beliefs as a foundation to perform work and make decisions.

Building awareness

We continuously communicate our anti-bribery policy and commitment to our stakeholders to build awareness and commitment to anti-bribery.

Ensure effective implementation

Through periodic reviews and involvement of our management, we ensure effective implementation of the Anti-bribery Management System throughout the organization.

Encourage confidence to speak up

We protect the identity and safety of anyone who has the intention to report any misconduct in good faith and reasonable belief.

Continuous improvement

We strive for the highest standards of integrity through the continuous improvement of our Anti-bribery Management System.

Providing advice and guidance

We are committed to always providing advice and guidance on the Anti-bribery Management System and issues related to bribery.

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