Audit is a powerful tool for organizations to provide assurance of processes, products and systems within the Organization. We help you identify inconsistencies and potential problems, also measure your Organization's performance against peers, strategic priorities & future needs, and position yourself to drive business goals.


Provide confidence and
reliability to your organization

Systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining objective evidence and evaluating it objectively to determine the extent to which the audit criteria are fulfilled.

Initial Review Audit

A preliminary Audit allows organizations to determine the best way to achieve their goals. It compares the current state to an ideal state or goal, highlighting deficiencies and opportunities for improvement. We can help you identify deficiencies and opportunities for improvement before you make any important decision.

Second Party & Third Party

Second party & third party independent audits provide recognition to your organization and will build confidence among stakeholders and broaden the scope of new opportunities. We provide independent audits to assess your organization to assure that the organization follows internal & external regulations or guidelines, such as policies and procedures.

Mystery Audit & Benchmarking

As organizations continue to pursue aggressive transformation and digitalization goals, we can help you improve your performance by conducting benchmarking processes or mystery audits to identify key performance metric weaknesses, by collecting, comparing, and analyzing data on performances and similar best practices.

“Rekan-rekan Robere & Associates sangat membantu dalam pendampingan serta memberikan solusi sehingga selama 7 tahun PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia berhasil mempertahankan sertifikasi dan menjaga kualitas mutu atas implementasi sistem manajemen mutu dan sistem keamanan.”

Nike Lestari

Dept. Head Payment & Operation Division
PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia

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