For more than thirty years, Robere & Associates has initiated the transformation of more than two thousand clients from various industries. Our consultants work collaboratively with clients to bring out their best potential while ensuring the appropriateness of the systems established in your organization. Through careful planning and comprehensive evaluation, we do not just answer your questions. We provide solutions and bring the utmost improvements to overcome your issues and improve performance.


Ultimate Breakthrough with
Advanced Solutions

Establish Your System

Through in-depth analysis to understand the nature of your organization, we ensure that the systems built are compatible with your organization and ensure their effectiveness.

Instill Consistency

Consistency comes from solid knowledge of how to do it. Throughout the process we pass on our knowledge and experience, ensuring that everyone in the organization understands how to run the process accordingly.

Maintain Independently

Sustainability is an indicator of an effective system. With close communication and collaboration with the team within your organization throughout the project, you will understand the whole process and be able to maintain the system.

Modify & Improve Your System

Continuous improvement is the key to maintaining and escalating the performance. We prepare everything carefully and comprehensively, establishing a solid foundation for continuous improvement.


Specialized approach to
ensure valuable changes

Robere consulting practices involve a very specialized approach to ensure that you make valuable changes and improvements to your organization. From discussion to a total “hands-on” approach, we will assist you fully until you achieve the objective you desire. While our primary focus is to create impactful changes in your management system, we ensure that continuous improvements will also be made for the future.

Phase 1:
Awareness Development

• Kick-off meeting
• Initial assessment

Phase 2:
Strategic Development

• Building awareness
• Risk-based thinking
• Action plan

Phase 3:
Business Process Mapping

• Policy establishment
• Objectives, key results, and program development
• Operational controls development

Phase 4:
Quality Assurance Review

• Implementation review
• Quality assurance audit
• Corrective action

Phase 5:
Assessment & Finalization

• Verification
• Review by management
• Final assessment


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Addressing uncertainty, maintaining sustainability

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Sustainability & Improvement

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“Rekan-rekan Robere & Associates sangat membantu dalam pendampingan serta memberikan solusi sehingga selama 7 tahun PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia berhasil mempertahankan sertifikasi dan menjaga kualitas mutu atas implementasi sistem manajemen mutu dan sistem keamanan.”

Nike Lestari

Dept. Head Payment & Operation Division
PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia

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